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Wood Creations | Spring Word Kit Tutorial

We're ready for spring, and after this tutorial, you will be too! We are excited to have Wood Creations here today - sharing a project featuring their Spring Word Kit!

After you check out this darling tutorial, be sure to leave a comment below. We have three of the Spring Word Kits to give away! Please leave your comment no later than Friday, March 27th 11:59 PM CST for your chance to win. Good luck! 

Wood Creations wood kits come unfinished, ready for you to finish to your taste.

Wood Creations  11-002

Here are the supplies needed to complete your craft:

  • Spring word kit from Wood Creations
  • Paper
  • Glitter
  • Wood Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Krylon Clear coat spray paint
  • Chalk
  • Paint
  • Sand Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scrap Paper for glitter

The detailed supplies I used were:

Delta Acrylic Paint: Crocus Yellow, Fuchsia, Paradise, White, Lima Green

Colorbox Chalk: Yellow citrus, Rogue, Blue Lagoon, Sour Apple

Art Glitter: Crystal

Doodlebug Glitter: Swimming pool fine glitter, Limeade fine glitter

Wood Creations  1-001

Step 1:

Lightly sand the edges of each letter/block

Step 2:

Trace your letter right side up on the paper you have chosen and then set the paper aside for later.

Wood Creations  2-001

Step 3:

Paint each letter/blocks and flowers. I usually start with the sides first because it is easier to hold the letters and not get paint all over yourself (But if you do, it cleans up easily with a little water and soapJ).

You really only need to paint the sides and about 1/4”-1/2” on the front of wood if it is going to be covered by paper. I like to paint the back of the wood also but it is not necessary.

Wood Creations  4-001

Step 4:

Allow letters to dry. This is a good time to cut all your paper out while your letters are drying. You will want to cut just inside the pencil line.  This helps so you don’t have any overhang on top of your wood. I usually line the paper up with the wood after the paint is dry to make sure it’s a good fit.

Wood Creations  3-001

Step 5:

Chalk the edges of the paper; I do this first before I mod podge the paper onto the wood because it is more flexible and easier to get into any creases or corners of the paper.

Wood Creations  5-001

Step 6:

Apply an even coat of Mod Podge onto the top of your letter (not too thick), then set your paper you have cut out on top and line it up. I like to smooth the paper first with my fingers and then smooth out with a vinyl scrapper – you can use a credit card or anything with a thin flat edge as well. Make sure it is all smooth and everywhere is pressed down onto the top of the wood.

Wood Creations  6-001

Step 7:

Allow your paper to dry onto the wood. Now is usually the time when I glitter any letters I have chosen to add glitter to.

Step 8:

Glitter- Set your wood on top of your scrap piece of paper and generously coat with Mod Podge. I then sprinkle my glitter over the top and allow it to set for a few seconds. Lift your letter up and tap off any excess; I do like to smooth the glitter with my finger to make sure it is all even (as you can see there is quite a bit left over on your paper, so I fold my paper and funnel back into my glitter container so none is wasted. I like to also shake off any excess glitter left on the scrap paper before I do my next color of glitter so they don’t mix. You can also get a new piece of paper if you don’t want to take the risk).

Wood Creations  8-001

Step 9:

Once the glitter has dried, spray a generous even coat of any clear acrylic spray paint and allow to dry (my favorite is, Krylon Clear Gloss Spray Paint--this is also non-yellowing ).

Wood Creations  9-001

Step 10:

Apply a top coat of Mod Podge or a water based polyurethane to the sides of your letters and top of the paper- this will help protect and seal your craft. Make sure to keep your coat thin to avoid any bubbling of your paper.

Step 11:

Using white wood glue, glue your glittered letters to the block and circles to the center of the flowers, and the wing of the bird.

Step 12:

Curl your wire using a dowel or pencil and glue them into the block and flower.

Wood Creations  10-001

Step 13:

Glue your dowel with the bird together.

Once everything has dried, your spring word is almost complete- I like to add ribbon and sometimes jewels to my crafts to give it an extra pop and tie everything together.

Step 14:

Step back and marvel at the darling new spring craft that you have created!

Wood Creations-001


Chelsi with WOOD Creations





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