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Tonic Studios Feature | Hanging Bow Card

We have another beautiful project to feature from Tonic Studios today! Thank you Sian for the lovely inspiration!

We also have some fun dies to give away! Since we're a little late getting the second feature up, we're extending the deadline to comment for your chance to win. Just leave us a comment by 11:59 PM CST on Friday, February 20th for your chance to win. Winners will be chosen from both Tonic posts - feel free to comment on both for an extra chance to win a great Tonic die set! 

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 01

You will need:

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 02

  • 654e Trailing Blossom Die Set
  • 595e Small Dainty Bow Die Set
  • Gems
  • Ribbon or cord of choice
  • Base Card 19.5cm square
  • White Card cut at 17.8cm square
  • Red Card cut at 18.8cm square
  • Kraft Card cut at 18.4cm square
  • A4 Card in above colours for die cutting


Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 03

1 - Using the Trailing Blossom Die Set, cut 2 Kraft card & 2 Red card, then run back through the die cutting machine using embossing mat and plates

2 - Glue the Red over the Kraft card moving slightly to the right to create a shadow effect

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 04

3 - Using the Small Dainty Bow Die Set, cut 1 bow in Red card then cut out each centre with smaller coordinating dies, making each cut separately

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 05

4 - Again using the Small Dainty Bow Die Set, cut 1 back shape in Kraft card then cut out each centre with smaller coordinating dies, making each cut separately

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 06

5 - Glue the middle of the bow and fold one tab into the middle and squeeze. Repeat on the other side and squeeze again to shape the bow

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 08

6 - Glue the Red bow onto the Kraft card back shape

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 09

7 - Glue C onto A, then D onto C, then B onto D

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 10

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 11

8 - Glue the shadowed Trailing Blossom onto opposite corners

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 12

9 - Using the ribbon or cord, glue a small piece behind a central leaf on the top Trailing Blossom and down, towards the centre of the card

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 13

10 - Fasten at the end of the ribbon or cord with double sided tape, then stick the bow to it, to create the hanging bow effect

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 14

11 - Add gems of choice

Hanging-Bow-Tutorial 15

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