Hazel & Ruby Project Line-Up

We've got a great line-up of projects from Hazel & Ruby for you all today! So excited to share all of these with you! 

‘Let them eat Cake’ Party Project


  1. Paint Chevron and Chalk Art Alpha Stencil-Masks gold.
  2. Tape decorative paper, or DIY Décor Tape to the wall and table.  Place painted chevron stencil-masks above paper to create a border.
  3. Place Chalk Art Alpha letters above paper.
  4. Voila! You have created fabulous one-of-a-kind party décor.

-Created by Heather Gleim

‘Tea of the Day' Chalk Art Kit Project


  1. Collapse the lid of the box your kit came in and mount it to the back of the chalkboard, add decorative corners and wire for hanging if desired.
  2. Place the La Patessiere Stencil-Mask on chalkboard where desired.
  3. Trace letters with chalk pencil, and remove letters.

-Created by Katie Smith 

DIY Décor Tape Phone Case Tutorial


What you need: a simple phone case, craft knife and the new Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor Tape

  1. Start by cutting off a piece of tape that is approximately the right size for your case. Stick it to your case and use either a craft knife or small scissors to round the corners and trim it up.
  2. Flip your phone case over and use a craft knife to cut away the tape that is covering the camera hole of your phone case.

-Created by Katie Smith 

Giant Chalkboard Family Memory Board


What you will need: 48”x24” plywood (if desired) and 1” piece of wood

  1. Cut plywood to desired size, and use staple gun and wood glue to adhere outer wooden frame.
  2. Prime plywood with paint primer (we used Country Chic Paint in the color, Simplicity). It took about 2 coats and an hour to dry each coat.
  3. Line up Chalk Art DIY Décor Tape and press down slowly to avoid wrinkles, a credit card or long flat edge will help with this.
  4. Embellish memory board as desired, I used Hazel & Ruby stencil masks, Chalk Art kit  & washi tape to embellish the board shown.

-Created by Lindsay Fekitoa

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